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Parasiticides Preventic Cat Collar

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  • The collar will kill fleas and prevent further infestation of the animal for up to 4 months
  • Containing vitamin F to maintain the pH balance in the cats skin preventing irritations and keep the hair silky.
  • Unique elastic safety release
  • Not affected by immersion in water.Water Resistant.
  • The collar no needs to be removed prior to the animal bathing
  • Contains Essential Fatty Acids acting as skin cosmetic and coat conditioner
  • The Essential Fatty Acids Contained in Preventef act as coat conditioners to keep the pet's coat looking healthy and silky
  • These Essential Fatty Acids will also reduce the likelihood of skin irritation that can be encountered with some collar.
Diazinon 15%
Ester of essential fatty acids 5%
Special plastic strips 80%
1 piece per 

Feeding Guideline:
To be use like other normal collar.
Do not wear it on sick cat or cat that just recover from sickness.Do not use with other insecticide products

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